A Glimmer o Stars

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Lynn Valentine is a poet and writer based on the Black Isle in the Scottish Highlands

Her writing touches on loss, childlessness, mental health and nature. She has a Scots language pamphlet, ‘A Glimmer o Stars’, with Hedgehog Poetry Press, out now. Her full collection, ‘Life’s Stink and Honey’, will be published by Cinnamon Press in April 2022.

Lynn has been described as ‘a fearless writer who tackles the great unspeakables head-on – bereavement, loss, childlessness, exile; and yet it’s not death that prevails in her poems, but rather the sovereignty of life and, with all its gifts and with all its heartbreaks, the obstinate beauty of the living world.’ (John Glenday, poet)

In Lynn’s Scots language poetry pamphlet ‘there is a sense of loss in many of these poems but never of emptiness. The writing is focussed: ties to family, ties to place, personal and shared experiences.  The language is worked in such a way that it feels easy, the sounds sit comfortably in the lines, the words controlled to deliver emotional punch. Even when she steps away from the immediate, when there is a sense of otherness, Lynn Valentine observes the world from a solid place. Read these poems out loud: they’ll resonate. (Charlie Gracie, poet and novelist)